CURIS Consultants are very familiar with using virtual communication and telehealth in your Health Center. Our consultants have been providing coaching on preparing, implementing, and training virtual communication for several years. Now that COVID-19 has required the majority of Health Centers to rely on virtual communication, there is an immediate and overwhelming need to have it implemented.

We are more than happy to help in this area. If you have any questions, just reach out to us at:


CURIS Consulting has collaborated with Healthtalk AI and Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center to present a webinar discussing Access to Care in the “New Normal.”
We’re excited to invite you to attend this upcoming webinar. Speakers will include our very own Shannon Nielson, as well as Cassie Lindholm and Kelly Niileksela from Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center.
Join us as they explain the processes and technology Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center put in place to tackle COVID-19, and how they are now optimizing their initiatives to sustain the provision of virtual care long term.You’ll learn:

  • How to measure access to care 
  • How to quickly set up and expand your ability for patients to virtually access care, via automated patient outreach and telehealth using HealthTalk A.I.
  • How to sustain these new processes long term

If you would like to learn more about this presentation: CLICK HERE

Previous Webinars:

Here at CURIS we held a free webinar titled: Sustaining Telehealth and Virtual Communication Post COVID-19. This webinar went into the details of how to effectively utilize your recently implemented virtual communication/telehealth service for the long run. Now, that you have this service, and we are uncertain when all services will go back to “normal”, it’s important to prepare for using this service permanently. (Not to mention the many other gains virtual communication has for both patients and your providers.)

Therefore, we have decided to share a recording of our webinar on our website as a resource to all of our Health Center family. This 45 minute webinar will provide an educational session followed by a live question and answer session in which we had a lot of great questions and engagement.

CLICK HERE to watch the webinar now.