Care Coordination

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Transitions of Care

Our staff utilizes data to identify patients experiencing a transition of care and will provide multimodal outreach to communicate with patients and ensure safe, timely transitions and reengagement with primary care.

Order Tracking & Follow Up

Our staff performs order tracking and follow up for referrals, lab, and imaging orders to ensure timely completion of orders, and assist with any identified barriers to care.

Patient Scheduling & Reminders

Our staff assists with patient centered scheduling processes and communication with patients to provide the information needed to promote continuity of care across the continuum. Our team assists with the provision of reminders for upcoming appointments to reduce the risk of delays in care or no shows.

Communication & Engagement

Our staff interacts with patients and makes it a priority to understand and address patient needs and preferences in a culturally competent manner. The team helps make it possible to identify SDOH risk factors and aid in connecting patients to appropriate services and resources. Our staff promotes closure of Care Gaps through targeted communication campaigns.

Referral Managment

Our staff reviews referral orders and ensures all necessary documentation is associated to facilitate transmission of orders with minimal delay. CURIS Connect staff manages closed loop referrals from outbound order processing to the receipt of inbound documentation to reflect care was provided, and every step in between.

Prior Authorizations

Our staff communicates with payers/health plans and external agencies to provide necessary information and utilization review data to facilitate timely prior authorization processes and documentation.

Pre & Post Visit Outreach:

Our staff understands that pre-visit interactions with patients can help improve the efficiency and the quality of the time spent with the provider. CURIS Connect team utilizes innovative outreach strategies to provide pre-visit outreach and post-encounter follow-up communication with patients.

Data Collection & Reporting

Our CURIS Connect team provides each healthcare organization with routine data and reporting to demonstrate performance, quality, and value.

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