CURIS Connect


CURIS Connect

Our NEW Care Coordination Service Line

Need help meeting FTCA and PCMH compliance with Care Coordination? Or simply want to improve your UDS quality performance?  We assist healthcare organizations with Care Coordination activities. 

Our brand new service line.....

We have a staff of fully trained Care Coordinators that can remotely work for your Health Center today!

Filling your Care coordination Roles:

CURIS Connect services are tailored to meet the needs of your organization. Our client partners may select one, multiple, or all of our services. Each client will receive an overview assessment to help identify the unique needs of the organization and to ensure workflow is designed to enhance your internal processes and align with your goals and priorities. All clients will receive documentation of policies and procedures reflecting duties, responsibilities, and workflow of the CURIS Connect team. In addition, performance tracking and reporting to demonstrate the value of the services delivered.


Our Professional Services Include:

Meet The Team

Care Coordination Team

Check Back Soon to learn all about our amazing Care Coordination Team! 

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